This is posted on the VDrift forums of course, but just wanted to remind everyone that a new release of VDrift will be coming out in the next week sometime. We need to check everything out, and make sure there aren't any big glaring problems we've missed. The last big task to finish before release is to correctly set 4 starting positions for each of our tracks.

Other than that we should also take a look at our documentation, and make sure it will make sense to users of the new version. I'll very soon restructure the documentation links on, and turn off the old FAQ manager in favor of the wiki. Please look at the wiki and see if there's anything you can contribute.

Next of course comes packaging, release statements, announcement and all that. Now is a good time to make sure things are working OK in regards to packaging so that we don't have to make lots of patches to get things working on different platforms.

Thanks again to everyone who's helped on this release. :)