On 11/12/06, Laurence Sanford < lauasanf@wilderness.homeip.net> wrote:
Who is actively working on what at this time? I've seen a lot of changes
in a lot of places over the last few weeks, and I've heard a lot of talk
about other things, but not seen much going on. I've been looking at the
multi-player stuff, but I'm still not sure I've got a firm enough grip
on it to start in on it. Where is everyone else? Do we have a list of
what's being worked on? If not, it would be a good idea to keep one
somewhere (the list is archived, so it's as good a spot as any) so that
we can figure out who we may be interacting with if we start to cross
over in the course of fixing something.

I guess the best way to tell who has been doing what is to watch the SVN log: < http://svn.vdrift.net/viewvc.py/trunk/?view=log >

Most bugs are reported to the forums so bug fixing reports go there. The Development forum has a bunch of info on what's being done too.

In order to give people a chance to see what we'd like to do in the future, as well as some different things that could be done to the game, I've posted an article on the stie with a list of stuff to do. Anyone is welcome to pick up a task and I will happily give out SVN access and create branches to help. < http://vdrift.net/article.php/choose-a-project>

As for multiplayer, it seems several people have an interest in working on it. Perhaps you should form a team and break the problem up into smaller problems, that are easier for one person to concentrate on solving. I'm happy to participate as well as I can. I'm sure Joe and others will too.

...once again forgot to reply all