Thinking about our data packages, there is some overlap in the data sets:
Full: (cars: (3S, AX2, CO, CS, FE, FF, G4, GT, M3, M7, MC, MI, RG, SB, T73, TC, TL, XG, XM, XS, Z06), tracks: (Brands Hatch, Circuit de Pau, Detroit, Laguna Seca, Le Mans, Monaco, Monza, Nürburgring Nordschleife, Road Atlanta, Ruudskogen, Spa Francorchamps, Weekend Drive, Zandvoort) )
Minimal: (cars: (CO, FF, TL, XS), tracks: (Laguna Seca, Zandvoort) )

You can see that the full package has the cars that are in the minimal package already, which is of course redundant. Gonéri apparently noticed this when he was setting up his Debian package, because vdrift-full does not include any of the data that is already in vdrift-minimal. If a user wants *all* the data, they have to install all three packages. This seems like a better idea, because it reduces our full data set by about 30 MB. In any case the user does not download any redundant data.

So the question is, should I set the Autopackages up this way too? The other question that comes to mind is should we just include the minimal data with the game, and make the full data always be an add-on package? Or does it still make sense to split even the basic data out of the executable package? If the minimal data is always required, would it make more sense to call it common data than minimal data?