Welcome, everyone, to the new VDrift-Devel list. I think everyone who is going to join right now has done so, so I guess it's time to start using it...

Just as a summary of what's been going on lately, there's been a good bit of work since the last release on fixing bugs and adding little features we've been wanting to for some time. Details of what's been done is posted here: < http://vdrift.net/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=374> and there's always the SVN log: <http://svn.vdrift.net/viewvc.py/trunk/?view=log > if you want way too much detail.

Looking ahead, we'll probably shoot for another release mid to late November. There are a few sizable tasks to be completed between now and then. Here are the things I think are most important:
* Getting all tracks and cars prepared for bumpy/slippery surfaces
* Fix problems with Windows build
* Decide what to do about Debian package(s)
* Simple custom parts menu

Here are some other things that would be very nice but are less important:
* Original tracks: parking lot, dirt/rally track
* Per-car custom gauge textures
* Working in-dash gauges
* Player Profile + multiple lap times
* New menu skin

Please share your ideas on priorities, other important things that need to be fixed, etc. If you have a particular issue from the list which you'd like to discuss in depth, start a new thread. Thanks...