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VdrAssistant has reached beta status

VdrAssistant version 0.2.300 is now available at:


The installer for the system services and initial db-setup:

The installer for java GUI and db-updates

vdrproxy is available at:


VdrAssistant is stil under development, so this is a developer version. Even
though I use it in my productive environment. I strongly recommend that you
use it under controlled conditions and for testing and debugging.... read more

Posted by Reinhard 2011-04-15

VdrAssistant version 0.1.292 is now available

VdrAssistant version 0.1.292 is now available at:


The installer for the system services and initial db-setup:

The installer for java GUI and db-updates

vdrproxy is available at:


VdrAssistant is stil under development, so this is a *developer* version. Even though I use it in my productive environment. I strongly recommend that you use it under controlled conditions and for testing and debugging.... read more

Posted by Reinhard 2011-03-20


added support for wrapper-scripts at service-start/-stop, useful for WOL or similar actions (see website for details).
Fixed broken timer-handling

Posted by Reinhard 2010-02-15


Completely reworked scanning of recordings, due to differences between project-x and handbrake.
Also fixed some incompatibilities between different jre respect to os interaction.
Processing of these vdr-formats tested successfully:
- Pes / MPeg
- Pes / h264
- TS / MPeg
- TS / h264

Posted by Reinhard 2010-02-06


This is a bugfix release.

Fixed bug, that made services fail on startup
Fixed bug, that java installer claimed a failed installation, after successfully finishing the installation, when installation target was the home directory
Changed preconfiguration of java installer, so the default value for database host is now the fully qualified network-hostname (not localhos) - but for intended usage, it have to be changed anyway.

Posted by Reinhard 2010-01-29

VdrAssistant - 0.1.190

first step into the parallel universum of VdrAssistant:

- processing of VDR-recordings will be performed by linux-services
- controlling of services, job-handling and menue editing will be performed
with java GUI applications at different operating systems.

From this release on there will be 2 different installers, one for each
- the bash-installer (VdrAssistant.run) will setup the database and install
the background services... read more

Posted by Reinhard 2010-01-23


This is a bugfix-release.

The Jobeditor failed an reopening a job if the requant-limit has been saved to the maximum value. Same reason caused the job-processor to fail.

New installation should work fine.

With this release, it is not possible to update the database with the installer, so if you like to upgrade an existing database, you have to change the column "target" of the table ...job to type char(10).... read more

Posted by Reinhard 2009-12-16


I proudly announce the availability of the first java installer for VDRAssistant. See http://vdrassistant.sourceforge.net for further informations.

Last time I worked a lot on portability issues, fixed some errors and I think, the application has matured a lot. I testet the installer and the application on Debian and Windows and I hope, it will work on your system too.

Your feedback is appreciated!

Posted by Reinhard 2009-12-08


Added filtering for list of recordings and list of jobs - configurable via preferences. Processed recordings will be flagged automatically.
Processing of jobs now checks available diskspace on each step and performs cleanup, to waste less disk space.

Posted by Reinhard 2009-05-24


The new release now handles job- and recording-images at conversion processing.

For that support, image based theme elements got a new behaviour: fit image to theme elements area.
With this 'dynamically resizing' the image scale is calculated from the two dimensions and after scaling the image, the theme element's size is changed to match the aspect of the current picture.

See website, especially the end of 'screenshots' page for details.

Posted by Reinhard 2009-03-09

vdrassistant-0.1.137 - on the brink of beta status

lots of cleanup and bugfixes happened last time.
The help file system has been worked out and vdrassistant ships with english and german helpfiles.
Icons and texts have been checked and completed, so the beta state is not far away.

Posted by Reinhard 2009-03-06

vdrassistant-0.1.106 window to community

The new version has support for job- and recording images and got an import/export interface.

With that interface it became quite easy now, to share themes and/or skins.

Have fun.

Posted by Reinhard 2009-01-26

0.1.104 - quantum jump in authoring

authoring stuff has been rewritten completely and now only support for chapter selection and subtitle-menues is stil missing.
Detail-dialogs have been improved to support Job- and Recording pictures, as well as editing language and menue title of audiotracks.
minor improvements on Job-management.
Small database changes, which will be handled by the installer.

Posted by Reinhard 2009-01-24

0.1.100 start bonus support

With this release, the installer is able to handle schema updates und recordingmanager starts supporting bonus material and default images for recordings.

See website for details

Posted by Reinhard 2009-01-09


Finally succeeded in creation of an interactive installer usable to setup database, check system dependencies and install application parts by selection. The installer comes with language support for english and german, same as the whole VdrAssistant project.

From this release on (0.1.75) the binary package will be the self extracting interactive installer.

This release is a good starting point to be called 'beta candidate'

Posted by Reinhard 2008-12-26

0.1.70 alpha status

reworked GUI base and action setup, now all supplied window modes support toolbars, menubars and statusbars.
SR-Richclient-framework got public accessible API-docs. See WebSite

Posted by Reinhard 2008-12-21

0.1.45 on the brink of alpha-status :)

- got the epg-processor working with the database
- changed the epg-manager to use the database (created a new entity-manager
that reads from database and writes to vdrproxy)
- worked out handling of favorite channels
- implemented creation of new timers
- started to workout user configuration and installer (not finished yet)
- and last not least fixed a bunch of bugs

Note to all releases:
All packages are intended to be extracted to a directory of your choice.
The binary package is ready to run (from that directory after extraction)
and the source-packages are ready to be build.... read more

Posted by Reinhard 2008-01-25

0.1.34 bugfix release

used the wrong classloader in EntityDescriptor.

Posted by Reinhard 2008-01-11

0.1.31 the turbo inside

VdrAssistant - 0.1.31:

finally got the turbo speed :)
The happiness from having get the stuff working became disapointness about the missing performance with the data-access classes from the springframework.
So I decided to completely rewrite the data-access layer.

As I'm heavily using generics, I hit the limitation from generics several times. I also had to write my own bean introspector, cause the existing one is not very usable when using generics.
But finally I got it working again with only little changes to application.... read more

Posted by Reinhard 2008-01-09

0.1.30 a good step forward

I found some very anoying bugs with dialog-handling, the epg-filtering as well as the transmisstion works, so I consider this a good start.

Posted by Reinhard 2008-01-01

0.1.19 release was a bug

I apologize the 0.1.19 release. I missed some little changes, which results in an completely unusable Recording-Manager.

I fixed it and the 0.1.21 release will replace the 0.1.19

Posted by Reinhard 2007-12-30