VdrAssistant version 0.1.292 is now available

VdrAssistant version 0.1.292 is now available at:


The installer for the system services and initial db-setup:

The installer for java GUI and db-updates

vdrproxy is available at:


VdrAssistant is stil under development, so this is a *developer* version. Even though I use it in my productive environment. I strongly recommend that you use it under controlled conditions and for testing and debugging.

This version introduces new workflow and (in-)dependencies of installers. The java installer is now able to get rid of needed database schema updates to bring the schema up to date. So all schema-updates from bash-installer have been removed.

DVD images (not isofiles) will be recognized as "recording" sources too, so VdrAssistant supports the creation of cutmarks, start of projectX for that "recording" to create/validate that cutmarks and finally a dvd can be part of a new compilation. I use that to extract interviews of actors I like from bonus-dvds and create a new compilation with all interviews of that actor.

Command interface of vdrproxy has been changed, so update of vdrproxy is highly recommended.

EPG-service has been reworked, so it could be used with counterpart vdrproxy to xchange data with vdr. The configuration of the service can be changed from command center, so the service can be changed to read data from files, which may be synched outside of VdrAssistant, using rsync, ftp or what ever.

HD recordings are now fully supported, which means, they can form part of a dvd compilation, or they can be marked to recode. Handling of uncut HD recordings from readonly-mounted storage is supported as well.

Now support of recordings is complete, which means, that any recording can be used for any supported target.
supported recordings:
vdr PES recording
vdr PES-HD recording
vdr TS recording
vdr TS-HD recording
dvd disk image

supported targets:
single layer dvd
dual layer dvd

Changed format of theme- and skin-export. Now a complete archive is created from the currently active theme and skin, which includes all related images and fontfiles. Format of new exchange-files is ZIP. Only the Theme-Editor has the import/export actions, but on import the skin is imported also. To integrate fontfiles on import, it will be necessary to enter your sudo password. Some systems may not recognize the new fontfiles until next reboot - check documentation of your window manager for details.

Changes since version 0.1.261:

- scan of recordings changed to usage of ffmpeg, which is quite faster than handbrake
- dvd images on harddisk will be recognized as "recording"
- java installer validates database schema
- database schema updates have been removed from bash-installer
- changed command interface of vdrproxy
- updated epg-service to use local files the same way as data from vdrproxy
- cut support for HD recordings now works on readonly storage too
- changed format of theme- and skin-export, ZIP is new exchange format
- removed import and export actions from skin editor

Have fun!

Posted by Reinhard 2011-03-20

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