0.1.31 the turbo inside

VdrAssistant - 0.1.31:

finally got the turbo speed :)
The happiness from having get the stuff working became disapointness about the missing performance with the data-access classes from the springframework.
So I decided to completely rewrite the data-access layer.

As I'm heavily using generics, I hit the limitation from generics several times. I also had to write my own bean introspector, cause the existing one is not very usable when using generics.
But finally I got it working again with only little changes to application.

The changes are, that I had to use generics, where I didn't used it yet. But I think the cleaner interface is worth to go for it.

The new performance is significantly faster than my first try - I hope you'll enjoy it
(for the mathematics: with the first layer a scan of about 700 recordings took one hour. With the new layer a scan of 330 recordings takes now 3 minutes.)

I also tried to format my code conforming to POJ-style, but it's too ugly to me, so I came back to my coding style. It is a compromise between what I would like to do and what eclipse supports.
The time of 80 column display is realy gone, so to me it looks cleaner :)

The change of the data-access layer was a big job (to me), so no new features this time.

Note to all releases:
All packages are intended to be extracted to a directory of your choice.
The binary package is ready to run (from that directory after extraction)
and the source-packages are ready to be build.

For further installation/setup instruction please have a look at READ.ME

Posted by Reinhard 2008-01-09

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