is there a cycle adjustment for vdms

  • BenShami

    BenShami - 2006-12-20

    vdms seems to run wing commander 3 and 4.. Im doin wing commander privateer 2 right now and it runs way to fast.  on dos box it would run at 12500 cycles if thats a help.. how do I adjust the cycles on vdms?

    • BenShami

      BenShami - 2006-12-20

      its me again.. with some information

      Running Wing Commander Privateer 2, intell pentium 4 Prescott core W/HT at 3.06 ghz
      sata hard drive 150 light on dvd cdrom burner. running Dual channel pc 3200 2x 512meg on 800 mhz fsb board is Soyo dragon2 v 1.0 I 865 PE using the onboard sound ac 97 c-media 5.1 spk , vid card is geforce 6600 256meg agp

      • Red Goblin

        Red Goblin - 2006-12-20

        I'm a mite rusty here (playing most games on a dedicated 500MHz Win95 'legacy' PC nowadays) but I'll assume you've created a VDMS launchpad shortcut and that you're looking at the 'VDMSound' tab of its property sheet. From there, select 'Advanced...' and the 'Performance' tab of the resulting 'Advanced VDMSound Properties' sheet (those are your "cycle adjustment" controls).

        Now I've never found much point in being subtle here (for needy adventure games at least) so simply suggest you start by pulling out all the stops (tick both boxes and minimise the slider & DMA servicing figures).

        If that's not enough, of course, there's always VDMSound's own SETSPEED utility as well as more classic utilities from (I find Moslo, Slowdown and CPUgrab the most appropriate 'horses for courses' on my legacy PC).  If I remember correctly, other than a custom batch file, you can invoke those via the 'Program' tab ...

        • BenShami

          BenShami - 2006-12-20

          Actually I already tried the properties tab and found that there really was no way to adaquitely control cycle rate. I am sure that adding a TSR external to vdms might work yet it introduces a lot of other problems that are application specific. I guess what Im asking is can a developer add an algorithm outside of tsrs to measure and generate a relyable cycle emulation speed. As an aside there are free dos mouse engines that could easily be added to vdms, while running wing commander privateer 2, the mouse really had problems.. not sure why.. at this point I would have to say that although vdms gives great sound and smooth video transition, it is not an adequite dos emulator..certainly it could have been..

          • Vlad ROMASCANU

            Vlad ROMASCANU - 2007-01-02

            nocando, windows is managing that aspect of emulation in a very proprietary fashion.

            • BenShami

              BenShami - 2007-01-03

              Vladr, Would you happen to know how dosbox does there cycle emulation?  They cant possibly be changing the cycles...are they just filling the gaps with a counter of some sort?


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