Death Gate - No Speech

  • Volumyn

    Volumyn - 2007-01-19

    I'm playing the old Death Gate game based on the Death Gate Cycle novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I got the midi music to work in the game, but I can't seem to get the speech to work. Any ideas? The entire game is supposed to be speech based yet it is quiet when I talk to anyone.

    • redsean

      redsean - 2007-01-20

      you are realy shure that the game have speech?  how big is it 20MB ? than it is witout speech...

      mfg RedSean

      sorry about my bad english

    • Red Goblin

      Red Goblin - 2007-01-20

      I presume you mean the game by Legend; the full version of which should weigh in at ~320MB (dominated by a 233MB DGATE001.MP3).  If it's only ~100MB, with AUDIO.BLA, MP3SETUP.EXE & SETUP.BAT, you'll need to run the latter - my distribution copy of which reads thus...

      @echo off
      u.exe x -b4096 pic.uha
      u.exe x -b4096 fli.uha
      del *.uha
      del u.exe
      del audio.bla
      del mp3setup.exe
      echo OK, all done.
      del setup.bat

      If that's not your problem and you suspect VDMS settings, it's always a good idea to tell folks what tweaks you've tried to the default settings (as well as whether you've managed to get other games going with digital, rather than just MIDI, sound).

    • BenShami

      BenShami - 2007-01-20

      Not really sure on this one .. I haven't played the game.. Im downloading it now from abandonia, however, I suspect this is not the full game.  if your version is from abandonia you need to read the full description of the game ... it says speach unsuported.. Im not sure what that means but im downloading now to find out. also I have another question.. have you tried playing this game in dosbox? normally vdms does a great job with most games until it comes to the real time play..if this game has no real time then chances are vdms is a good bet.  as soon as I have a look at it Ill post again

      • Red Goblin

        Red Goblin - 2007-01-21

        Abandonia's version has a null-sized DGATE001.VOC file and would therefore be voiceless. For a fully-voiced rip, go to Home of the Underdogs (

        • BenShami

          BenShami - 2007-01-21

          yeah ... I realized that last night... I went down on the forums...thanks for the link on underdogs. I new something was up .. the voice must be a big file.. abandonia was downloading  really small..these "page at a time adventure games" used to be a big deal till dune rolled around.


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