Curious: Why no 95/98/ME ?

  • James Paige

    James Paige - 2002-04-02

    Perhaps this has already been answered elsewhere, but I am curious. Why is it that VDMSound is Windows NT/2K/XP specific? What prevents it from running on Windows 95/98/ME ? Does it rely on some feature not present in those versions of Windows? If so, what specificly?

    • Vlad ROMASCANU

      Vlad ROMASCANU - 2002-04-27

      Under NT there is NTVDM.EXE that takes care of intercepting I/O accesses and of virtualizing interrupts and so on.  There is no direct equivalent under Win9x.  One would have to write a VxD that would resemble NTVDM.EXE.  Actually VDMSound adds a level of abstraction of its own via the VDMServices module, that was written with NT/9x portability in mind.  The NT implementation of VDMServices uses NTVDM.EXE's API, but I'd need someone to write a VxD that VDMServices would be able to use under 9x.

      The reason why I haven't written a VxD myself is (1) I hate 9x (don't even havce it installed), and (2) most sound drivers for 9x come with some sort of SB emulation, or SB emulation is offered in hardware for 9x and DOS on most computers (especially those with built-in AC97).


    • Frank L.

      Frank L. - 2008-03-26

      I'm actually running 98se, and it's funny that I found this project because I have been spending the past few days wondering how I could get my old DOS games to sound like they used to back in the day, until I finally thought of creating some form of software, and registering a virtual device with Windows that could relay all MIDI messages to this software, which would in turn emulate a legacy SB card with digitized sound and FM and spit it through whatever the real sound device was installed on the machine. I figured, if things like MilkyTracker and FamiTracker could run smoothly in realtime, why couldn't a softsynth be written and used as an actual system device?  Seeing as how VDMSound is under the GPL, maybe I could do some poking around?

      Now, Vlad ROMASCANU (I realize the post is 6 years old now... haha) about your reference to SB emulation on an AC97, that's EXACTLY what I have, but do you mean when a DOS program makes calls to an SB card, the AC97 will interpret them into its own crappy wavetable? My whole goal is to bring back FM synthesis on my machine without replacing my sound hardware, and since my card doesn't have an FM chip on it, I was hoping the solution might come through in the software.

      Anyhoo, I'll mess around, and report back with what I can come up with. Later!


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