Developers still active?

  • dhruba.bandopadhyay

    Are the VDMSound developers still active in developing VDMSound?

    If so, is it possible to make VDMSound enable IPX during usage? So it's possible for users to play IPX games with VDMSound.

    • Vlad ROMASCANU

      Vlad ROMASCANU - 2007-01-02

      There may have been an IPX option in the "advanced" LaunchPad options, otherwise add Window's IPX emulation in the custom "AUTOEXEC" box in the LaunchPad advanced settings, here is what to add/check:


    • Guitarzan

      Guitarzan - 2007-10-17

      He never did say if it's still active... i think this is a bad sign for VDMSound...


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