Saving a configuration

  • DavidA

    DavidA - 2010-11-18

    Hi Marc

    XLaunch allows the user to save a configuration. How does one get it to load a previously saved configuration?

    Best regards


  • marha

    marha - 2010-11-19

    When you press the 'Save Configuration' button in xlaunch you save save the configuration to a *.xlaunch file. Doubling clicking this file in the explorer or on the desktop (when saved in the desktop) will then launch the server with the saved configuration.
    You can also edit this configuration afterwards by selecting the Edit item in the popup-menu when you right click on the file item.


  • DavidA

    DavidA - 2010-11-22

    Hi Marc

    Thanks for your answer. May I suggest that a useful improvement would be to make the VcXsrv installer associate the XLaunch icon with .xlaunch files?

  • Bob/Paul

    Bob/Paul - 2017-06-05

    xlaunch -run filename.xlaunch is also worth noting. That's what the file association does for double clicking (if it's set up correctly).


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