vcxsrv crashes in multiwindow mode

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-03


    am testing  VcxSrv as a replacement for Xming and have hit an issue where when running in multiwindow mode if you try and resize the screen in crashes the X server. Rootless and full screen work fantastic :) I have tried your latest update and that still exhibits the same symptoms. How may one help to track down why this is happening ?

  • marha

    marha - 2011-02-04

    I was able to reproduce a crash in multiwindow mode, but I do not know if it is the same crash as you are seeing (I suspect it is). The reason is a reentrancy problem in the clipboard window of the clipboard thread, causing a stack overflow.
    There are 2 reasons for this reentrancy problem:
    - the WM_WM_MOVE and WM_WM_REINIT  defines have the same value.
    - the WM_CHANGECBCHAIN message is passing sometimes as the next viewer (lParam) the window itself

    This stack overflow problem can be seen when running vcxsrv.exe or vcxsrv_dbg.exe from inside a debugger.

    I have fixed this in revision 1142.

    Or you can build the software from this revision, or send your e-mail adress to, so I can send you a version to test.


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