#7 X apps with "-geometry" arguments are incorrectly positioned


When an X application, for instance xterm, is launched with "-geometry 80x24+100+100", vcxsrv positions the window so that the upper left corner of the interior window pane is at 100x100, rather than positioning it so the upper right corner of the title bar (window border) is at 100x100.

Linux and Solaris native X servers and Xming on Win7 position the corner of the window border at the requested coordinates. In order to get my shortcuts to open in the correct places, I had to adjust all the coordinates right by 4 pixels and down by 23 pixels.


  • marha

    marha - 2012-10-02

    I just tried it on ubuntu 12.04.1 (Xorg X Server version 1.11.3) and i have the same behaviour as in vcxsrv.
    Maybe it is related to the version of the xserver.
    Which is the version of the Linux and Solaris X servers you are using? Which verson of xming are you using?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Xming, Xorg 7.5 on Linux, Solaris X11 v 6.6.2.

    I just tried MobaXterm 5.1, and it exhibits the same behavior, perhaps it's a common issue with displaying X windows as MSWin windows that Xming has worked around...


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