#14 Multiwindow does not handle window ordering properly with alt-tab and Metro apps on Windows 8


I have been using Vcxsrv a lot for my development environment - Windows 8 for desktop and Linux as backend + running some apps from Linux on Windows desktop. I use it with :0 -ac -terminate -lesspointer -multiwindow -clipboard -wgl options.

Usually alt-tab works fine - whenever I have focus on X11 window and press alt-tab, the app is shown as first application. When I switch from non-X11 to X11 window and then press alt-tab, the X11 window is shown as first application in the window list (the normal behavior for all Windows apps).

The one issue I am having is that when I have metro apps and X applications running, pressing alt-tab when X11 window has focus shows the X11 window as non-first entry in the list - so pressing alt-tab and alt-tab again to switch between X11 app and Windows app does not work.

Interestingly, this only happens for non-first X11 window - i.e. if I run terminal as first window, it works correctly. If I run a terminal from that first terminal, it no longer works. Exiting all Metro apps makes it work fine again, until Metro app is started again.

I have tried running Vcxsrv elevated and non-elevated. I have checked this on two computers - both running Windows 8 Pro x64.

To reproduce:
- start Vcxsrv with options above
- start xterm from another machine
- start another xterm from first xterm
- run any Windows metro app
- trying to use alt-tab to switch between second xterm window and any other window does not work as expected

ps. I have also been able to reproduce this by running Media Player Classic from K-Lite Codec Pack in elevated and full screen mode - not sure if this helps in any way, but wanted to mention it in case it does.


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