#12 Confusing dialog boxes running Xlaunch, remote application doesn't start


Xlaunch gives confusing dialog boxes, then doesn't connect to remote host.

Clean install of Windows 7, Clean install of VcXsrv ( though I have not used the product before, and took the recommendation from alternativeto.net ).

image 1

The first screen says:

The server's host key is not cached. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is.

Then there is a text area box, for which the purpose is unknown to me, with a "show characters" check box. And this just gives confusion. There is an OK and a Cancel button, the purpose or function of either are entirely unclear to me.

image 2

The second screen that appears when I click "OK", says:

The server's rsa2 key fingerprint is:
ssh-rsa 4096 <bunch of hex digits>
If you trust this host, en

The message appears truncated, because I'm not sure how "en" consitutes a way to trust the host.

This screen, like the previous one, has a text input box and a "show characters" box, the purpose of which is a mystery to me, and the OK and Cancel buttons, again, their purpose is unclear.

After clicking OK on this second box, the X Server starts, but no subsequent windows appear, and the applications I asked it to run on the remote host never starts.

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  • Kent Fredric

    Kent Fredric - 2013-08-18

    Adding the images as attachments, because I've learnt not to trust external hosting entirely, they go down, and then the context for the error becomes lost.

  • Kent Fredric

    Kent Fredric - 2013-08-18

    Additionally, the version in use was installed from vcxsrv-

  • MikeDeP333

    MikeDeP333 - 2014-04-11
    1. I am badly affected by this bug too.

    2. A partial workaround is to answer "yes" to the 1st question (it has the text that plink.exe would normally show even if the text is cut off), hit enter, enter your password, then hit enter. However, the dialog boxes repeatedly popup while using the X11 session. (At least under my use case of launching "gnome-session" in a single window off of a CentOS 6.5 machine.)

    3. I should also point out that cygwin's XLaunch is not affected. However, it has a different design. It launches a terminal window with all command-line input and output. The window stays open during your X11 session.

  • RavenTS

    RavenTS - 2015-06-25

    Same problem here. As far as I have been able to find out, these are coming from Plink, which is running in interactive mode but has no console window to interact with.
    According to http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/#head-147 , the Xming author uses a patched version of Plink: "These modifications substitute Windows prompts for many console ones because XLaunch and Xming are built console free (GUI) and so stdout/stderr messages are hidden when Plink is spawned from them."

  • RavenTS

    RavenTS - 2015-07-02


    Start everything from a console using:

    cd "C:\Program files\VcXsrv"
    start VcXsrv.exe -multiwindow -clipboard -lesspointer -wgl
    plink -ssh -2 -X user@VMNameOrIP xfce4-session

    It will prompt for the password in the console, after that you can keep the console window minimzed.


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