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Virus alert

McAfee VirusScan just detected my script as a trojan: JS/Feebs.gen.z@MM.
This is probably due to the functions for encoding of binary files.
I'll take a look to try to fix this but I don't want to remove any functionality.
If you received similar warnings let me know!

Posted by Josep Valls 2009-04-17

New: Now loads in English by default

Due to popular demand (well, not really) I've set it to load by default in English. If someone would liketo tweak it it's really simple, just edit the line 626 and set the language you'd like to load by default. Remember that you could easily translate it, just edit with a plain text editor and jump to line 456.

Posted by Josep Valls 2006-12-07

New: Usage documentaion and examples explanation

I've just uploaded the main documentation with main overview, function description and provided examples explanation. Just check to see what can be done with this little utility.

Posted by Josep Valls 2006-11-11

Just added: ISO 8859-1 HTML entities

Just added a new encoding functionality which enables encoding most latin-based languages texts for using in HTML files. I've added 105 entities for the Latin subset ISO 8859-1.

Posted by Josep Valls 2006-11-11