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FULL HLSL Lighting is now implemented!!! a single .fx effect file now processes Standard geometry, Skinned and Animated Meshes, and Cloths. up to 30 lights on basic hardware so far with 4 different light types all rendered through the single .fx effect. This Standardized lighting allows flickering lights, colors, spot lights, point lights, phong shaded point lights, directional lights all with preset automatic loaded from your meshes using the "light0x" to "lightxx" name then variables can be modified including spot light targets (movable or animated) spot light cone size, radius, point light radius , direction light direction, even a basic Texture only rendering mode can be set for testing without ANY light effects.... read more

Posted by Maurice Dalaimo III 2015-12-05

HLSL Implementation !!! IN PROGRESS...

Over the last month i have been struggling with lighting and found that the fixed vertex pipeline has a light max of 10 (i believe on all video cards), so i am moving the entire light system to HLSL (High Level Shader Language) which i had planned on for bump and shadow mapping but NOW is a necessity for lighting. The Engine will act the same on the programmer/user end lights will automatically be loaded and helper functions will allow simple 1 line setup/modification BUT on the back-end the Engine will be using HLSL's Shaders to create all lights with NO LIMITS. This also has other benefits like bump and shadow mapping once put into place will AUTOMATICALLY work with all meshes and objects in the environment.... read more

Posted by Maurice Dalaimo III 2014-05-25

Work is continuing...

I know ive been absent on updates for a LONG time but with running my own business (Home theater installation/design, PC/Media center building, Surveillance, etc... in las vegas) ive been to busy to focus on this project, BUT NOT ANYMORE im taking my free time and getting this Engine closer to what ive dreamed of for years, i will be posting updates as soon as i compile them, currently im fixing the Automatic light loading system (lights appear in incorrect positions due to Matrix issue at load time), also the Shaders light system is not complete (lights are calculated and averaged within range of the shader) i want to expand on that and allow at least 2 averaged light sources from all lights within range. Soon to follow will be first automatic bump mapping (im creating a system that looks at each texture and any with the "_bump" suffix in the filename will AUTOMATICALLY be loaded and bump mapped in ANY scene without ANY code needing to be done, Shadowing will be next. ... read more

Posted by Maurice Dalaimo III 2014-04-17

Curent development status...

Currently the engine is simple, BUT i have a good amount of work into a XNA version (vb.net physx xna) but i hit a wall when i couldn't load a single .x file (.xnb converted) into the scene a then separate it into its own object (both graphically and physx) also using the Content Loader is a nightmare in vb.

I'm converting all the work i put into the xna version to version 1.3 and it has not only .x loading, but level loading (where it recursively searches .x files for objects that "match" certain names and automatically assigns collision/script to them. Input for moving the camera and a camera system, lights, and hopefully bump mapping also will be added will soon after version 1.3/4 be in place followed by a improved cloth loading and 1.5 will have a level edit will full script engine (i wrote it in vb6 directx 8 and just have to port it) allowing .7lv files to automatically be loaded when a .x is loaded containing sound, animation, collision, lights, camera, scripting and more also level to level door animation and loading.... read more

Posted by Maurice Dalaimo III 2011-03-07