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vbIRCd1.1.96-Beta2 has been released!

Hey all, the latest beta update for version 1.1.96 has been released and no networking yet, sorry. This networking support thing is not impossible or anything, it's just taking WAY WAY WAY! longer then I thought it would. Networking support is a HUGE step for vbIRCd, and I want to make darn sure that it's fully successful when the time comes. As I annouced last release that I will first make it where vbIRCd can accept IRC services server link-ups before full blown networking support is implamented because that will be the best way to test to see how well vbIRCd handles a single network link connection in a very demanding way.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2002-05-21

Beta2 of v1.1.96 will be released Monday the 20th!

Hey all, sorry for me not keeping you updated on what is going on. Well what is going on is that I have been trying my best to keep focused on developing vbIRCd to code the networking and classes support. Good news, I've got the classes stuff finished! Woohoo!

Now what's left is networking which shouldn't be much of a problem now since I've got classes working for all connections. I needed to get classes coded badly in order to be able to control who connects and who doesn't. It would have been real stupid if I had just went ahead and coded networking without classes support because that would have messed up a lot of things, and left the administrator no way of actually having connection establishment control.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2002-05-19

vbIRCd Installer of 1.1.96-Beta1 has been released!

For those of one who are not developers, but just end-users, I have finally released the software installer of vbIRCd1.1.96-Beta1, and I hope that all end-users upgrade to version 1.1.96-Beta1 since it has afew major bug fixes (mainly around the channel management code area once again).

Now remember all if you need any help with vbIRCd, or just want to talk about vbircd, just e-mail me at tron@t2n.org / tron@ircd-net.org or visit http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/forum/ .... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2002-04-07

vbIRCd1.1.96-Destiny[Beta1] has been released!

Hey all, I have finally taken the time to release a major update and no, I have not developed the beta networking code as of yet. Please bear with me here as I am very stressed out with life and college school work. So it isn't easy for me to keep doing all of this and have enough free time for myself to keep me from becoming insane.

Life is so stressful now adays and new technology was suppose to make life easier, but instead made it even more crazy as more and more people are competiting one another just to become better then the others. Well I'm off now to work for a friend for a while so I can get some kind of income and please everyone be sure to donate if ever possible at http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/donate since I don't have the time for a job since college is a full-time job. =(

Posted by Nathan Martin 2002-03-24

Donating to the vbIRCd Project is NOW possible!

Now you can finally donate to the vbIRCd project via PayPal. Visit http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/donate for more info!

Also another thing, vbIRCd1.1.96-Destiny[Beta1] with beta networking support code will be released on the 23rd of this month because that is vbIRCd's birthday! WoW in just a week vbIRCd will be a year old. Isn't that cool? :)

Posted by Nathan Martin 2002-03-18

vbIRCd1.1.53-Destiny Final has been uploaded to SourceForge!

Hey all, I have finally taken the time to reply to people's posts @ http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/forum/ and upload the Destiny Final of vbIRCd v1.1.53. So you all better be happy, of course, I know you all would be. :)

Well, have fun and enjoy!

Posted by Nathan Martin 2002-02-22

Project Update

Yes, It's been way too long since I've actually submitted any news updates, it's been like forever and I've got a big reason for not doing so which is I'm in college now and it's not easy nor do I have all the free time when I did after I graduated from high school. Reason for not currently still developing vbIRCd is the fact that I've been involved in another project which is called the Go Project and it's a web-based site project which is located at http://go.t2n.org... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2002-02-08

vbIRCd Site - Done!

Hey all and how are ya?! :)
I just wanted to let you guys know that I have completed the vbIRCd site @ http://vbircd.ircd-net.org and yes, that is a Ad image below the Site logo text and above the short release info, now don't freak out, it's not a real commericial crap ads, it's a exchange ad thing deal I did so that way I could have those ads people broadcast ads about vbIRCd! :)

I know it seems kinda lame, but hey I think it's a neat idea just because I thought so, so there! Welp, that's all I have to say for right now and that new movie SPY GAME kicked butt, I loved that movie! It was great! :D

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-11-30

vbIRCd Forums Board has Returned!

Alrightly people, I've restored the vbIRCd project Forums and now you can use them at http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/forum/ and remember, the ending is forum/ NOT /forums, OK?! OK...

I've also started working on vbIRCd again and I will fix and check out those bugs that people have reported over the weekend, I also decided to take a few days off over the weekend and yesterday, so that's why I'm starting to work on those issues right now.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-11-13

vbIRCd1.1.53-Destiny Final Release2

Final release of vbIRCd version 1.1.53 has been released a second time because of a simple little channel mode bug fix and removed an annoying debug notice info during channel modes being set. So those of you who haven't gotten the release2 please do so unless you've figured out how to fix the problem and removed the debug notice info message.

The file names have not been changed to show they are release2, but they are, so just redownload the install and/or source code zip file(s) as you wish @ http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/download/... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-11-10

vbIRCd1.1.53-Destiny Final Release has released!

Hey there, I have finally completed the final release of vbIRCd version 1.1.53! I have successfully fixed all known channel bugs and channel mode bugs, so I hope you enjoy this major release!


So for now on file releases will only be put on http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/ in the download directory. The file vbIRCdsrc_1.1.53-Destiny-Final.zip is the Source code for this release and file vbIRCd1.1.53-Final_Installer.exe is the ircd installer which of course is just the ircd(no source code with it, but that could change)... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-11-10

vbIRCd1.1.53 Destiny-Final Release Date

Hey all, well I've got some great news, Destiny-Final of vbIRCd version 1.1.53 will be released today! Yeah I know, Wooohooo! Well in case you're wondering now what's new on this up coming release? Well channel member management code system has been completely fixed and no bugs has been found as of yet, which is a great thing because now people can use vbIRCd as a real stand-alone ircd and it won't be for long, because right after today's release, vbIRCd will under go some major recoding and a lot of development to bring you full blown networking support. What does this mean for you, well this means that you will soon be able to link a services server to your server and/or link your server to a group of servers.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-11-09

vbIRCd 1.1.53-PreRelease2(Final) Downloads Fixed

Sorry about the problem of not being able to download the latest release earlier, well the reason why it didn't work is because sourceforge has a little problem dealing with files that had "()" chars in the file names, I guess they use those two chars to form some kind of an index for the files, I don't really know. So instead I just put "-" between the PreRelease number and the stage release instead of "()" around the stage release. I hope that helps and it may take a few minutes for the changes to appear, so give it a few minutes and I know how disappounding sourceforge is about these file issues, I'm deeply sorry for the trouble this may have caused you, the people that make vbircd possible just by being active around the project. :)

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-11-02

It's Here! vbIRCd1.1.53-PreRelease2-Final!

Yes, the final release of PreRelease2 of version 1.1.53 has been released and it's the most stable vbIRCd release yet! So download it, install it or compile it, set it up, run it, and have fun!

Note that I didn't have the time to finish coding the new Channel Mode management functions which I will have finished in the next release to come which seems to be very soon. Also one thing about up coming future releases, there will be a Final Release of version 1.1.53 and then a release version after that which will be the release series that will have "beta" networking code and you know what that means, a hole lot of fun and plenty of bugs. ;)... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-11-02

Official vbIRCd1.1.53-PreRelease2 is in 2 days!

Hey there, I was going to release the PreRelease2 tonight, but I ran into some problems and also had to fix a lot of things with my linux box so I couldn't get enough code finished to release it tonight. So instead I plane on releasing it on the first of November! :)

That way gives me the rest of the day to get things fixed and sorted out for today and, tomorrow and on the first I'll get vbIRCd1.1.53 ready for PreRelease2! :)

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-10-30

vbIRCd Site - Down for now

Welp, I guess the saying all good things must come to an end is true! Well guess what?!?!?
My Linux box(the server)'s harddrive that's mounted at /home directory which happends to contain all website files and including hosted sites were all LOST! Because the harddrive's partition table some how got all messed up during a system reboot and I still have no idea how that happend.

So the http://vbircd.ircd-net.org site is dead for now and so is the vbIRCd Forums, so I have to also get that all reinstalled. At least I didn't loose my apache configuration file in the process or else then it would be a total lose.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-10-30

vbIRCd Site - Coming Soon and Forum Board is Up!

Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know that I am currently working hard on the vbIRCd site and that I have also finally put up a dedicated Forum Board for vbIRCd which is located at http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/forum and the vbIRCd site will be at http://vbircd.ircd-net.org, please visit the site often for site updates.

I have also finally created and uploaded the commands.txt file which has the full list of supported commands by the current version of vbIRCd and their syntaxs with short description of each command which the file is located at http://vbircd.ircd-net.org/download/commands.txt... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-10-26

vbIRCd1.1.53-PreRelease2 - COMING SOON

Hi there and I know I haven't been keeping up with updates as I should be doing, but I've been swomped with projects and plus I'm still looking a good programming job, so I'm working pretty hard each day. Anyway, I've fixed a few major channel bugs that should make channel usage "safe" and I'm also going to completely redo the Channel Mode handling code and maybe even the user mode handling code, because they are a MESS! which I made and still haven't cleaned up *oops*. I've also been getting into PHP programming which is going good, yeah I know *Yay!* and I've also been looking into Python language for developing a ircd on linux platforms as well. :)... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-10-09

vbIRCd1.1.53 PreRelease1[Destiny] has been Release!

Hey all, this is just to let you know that a PreRelease has been released of vbIRCd1.1.53-Destiny and I hope that you enjoy this release which does have allot of bug fixes plus a great deal of recoding to make the ircd smaller is file size, taking up less memory and using less CPU, but this ircd is still in beta testing since it's not complete and isn't very secure yet.

Please remember to report any bugs that you find that is NOT listed in Bugs.txt or TODO.txt... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-08-24

vbIRCd and I are Back on Track!

I know it's been a VERY long time since I've posted any news about vbIRCd, well I have a real exuse! I didn't have internet for a few months and I finally got ADSL which is just fine for me since now I can run my own web server and have people download from my site instead of uploading the files to this site which is kinda slow. I have keeped developing vbIRCd even though I had no internet connection for a while, but I've greatly increased it's speed, decreased it's memory usage, CPU usage, and EXE(executable) file size which is a great thing for future updates. :)... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-08-14

vbIRCd v1.0.72 released [an update of v1.0.71]

DjM a friend of mine found that /sapart shows the user joining the channel instead of parting it which is not a good idea, but the user is in fact removed from the channel. Here's the download URL since SourceForge is being an ass today: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/vbircd/vbIRCdsrc_1.0.72.zip

P.S. I was in a very bad mood today when trying to release this important bug fix cause SF is freakin full of BS bugs! It's worse then Windows!

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-05-27

vbIRCd v1.0.71 [Update3] has been Released!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

As the subject title says vbIRCd v1.0.71 has been released which is update3 of the beta series of vbIRCd and next release vbIRCd is going to be out of beta and on to final releases for now on since I have recoded basicly 78% of the ircd and it's very very stable and fast! The ircd is ready for major use and I hope that we have seen the last of those annoying channel bugs, so I think they're gone for good.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-05-27

vbIRCd v1.0.71 [Update3] Release Date Info

I am planning on releasing vbIRCd v1.0.71 [Update3] either tonight or some time this weekend. If I do not find any problems or end-up taking too long getting the features put into the release then I will release it tonight, but that is a 50/50 chance, so it either does or doesn't get released.

Now for the most important information, this up coming release(v1.0.71) will have some added features which are fully working commands and an extra user mode. Some of the commands are /samode, /fnick, and /invite. /fnick is not found on a normal Unreal based IRCd, but it was requested by a good VB Developer who is helping in development of vbIRCd and the command is used to force a nick change of a user, but this command can only be used on local users and not global users which they will exist once networking support is working.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-05-25

When's the Release date for v1.0.71? Sooner or later...

Well, the release date of vbIRCd v1.0.71 could be soon, but there is still allot to be done with the project before release and I want to at least get HTTPSet all ready to be used so that people can get into using it and reporting bugs. That way I can work on the final release of vbIRCd which is out of beta testing and into the real releases.

It does take time to develop such a great project such as vbIRCd since it's far away from being done and the development speed isn't that good since I'm the only one who develops it and eternal is always busy with his job and I have a job as well that has to do with developing some app for Win CE and developing apps for Windows CE is NOT FUN!... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-05-22

vbIRCd v1.0.71 News Update

Hello all, I just wanted to let you all know what's currently going on with the up coming version of vbIRCd. Well the thing is [update3] my take a while to complete since I have decided to work on a WebAdmin kinda server for remotely configuring vbIRCd using a web browser which is called HTTPSet. And I'm still working on the network code so that it will kinda be working on the release of v1.0.71 and hope that you all will like what I've done to get the project growing.... read more

Posted by Nathan Martin 2001-05-15

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