Fixed some issues, not sure how to submit...

Blue Ninja
  • Blue Ninja

    Blue Ninja - 2005-11-27

    Hi there.

    Following in the spirit of open source, I finally decided to grab the source and fix a few issues that have been bugging me.

    My "n00b" question is: How can I submit the changes? I'm used to being a selfish, spoiled bastard who does his own projects his own way, so I have little experience with team development and such. So if some patient guru can bestow some useful information unto me, that would be great!

    I use the Java-style comments for my VB projects, and have fixed the following:

    1. @remarks tags are now supported at the module level.

    2. The @author tag is displayed at the module level.

    3. The @date tag now shows the Las-Modified date at the module level.

    4. The Copyright notice on the main page no longer duplicates the company name. According to MS "Best Practices" (I know, what does MS know about "best practices"? But that aside...) the LegalCopyright version info field should include the company name. But VBDox assumes it doesn't, so all my docs ended up with "(2) 2005 by Adam Yarnott, Blue Ninja Software Blue Ninja Software".

    5. The History, ToDo, and Bugs lists are now indented and bulleted for readability.

    6. I'm sure there was something else, but it escapes me...

    • Carlos Garces

      Carlos Garces - 2005-11-27

      Thanks for your work.
      Please ZIP thesource code and upload it in the patches section (

    • Blue Ninja

      Blue Ninja - 2005-11-27

      Ok, will do - I just wasn't sure if there was some way I should send only the changes, or the whole affected file and let someone else figure out the changes, or what.

      I'll upload the affected class files, where my changes are commented, so hopefully that will help.

      Thanks for the reply...


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