@author tag

  • Robert Fridén

    Robert Fridén - 2003-05-02

    Does any of the report generators actually use the information specified in the @author tag?

    • Nic Lowe

      Nic Lowe - 2005-10-26

      i couldnt see it work anywhere!

      • Mihayl Stamenov

        Mihayl Stamenov - 2005-10-26

        It's pprinted only in the simple report as you cansee in clsReportManager.cls. It's not even exported in the xml reports :)

    • Blue Ninja

      Blue Ninja - 2005-11-27

      I fixed this in my own local installation of VBDox, so I'm going to share it (along with other enhancements, like @remarks at the module level). I'm just about to upload the patch, so stay tuned.


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