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  • Jewe

    Jewe - 2006-10-25


    I use VBdox on a "larger" project so that everybody in the development team can get all the info.
    Program is run on buildmachine, so it does not hold my own machine.
    but from time to time I need to have a new version of our package fast.

    it takes longer for vbdox to create the docs then for VB5 to compile the complete project.

    Am I the only one?

    build machine:
    2.8 ghz
    1 Gig ram
    winxp sp2



    • Mihayl Stamenov

      Mihayl Stamenov - 2006-10-25

      It's written in VB. I made some minor optimizations (like using Mid$ instead of Mid() and quick sort) but in general is not really speed optimized.

      Something simple, that you can do to improve the speed a little, is to comment the status/progress report (frmMain::IProgressManager_showMessage).

      You can also set the documentation comment parser to the one you use instead of using the 'auto' one.

    • Jewe

      Jewe - 2006-10-27


      thx for the responce.
      We use the program in command line for speed and this way we can use it in our python build scripts. :)

      Maybe I will have a look at the source this weekend.




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