#20 Localization problems


Using VBDOX 2.0.30, .net style report.

On the very first page generated, the
strings "Namespaces", "The <project name> provides the
following namespaces:", "ToDo", "Bugs" and "History" are
not translated.

(By the way -- "The <project-name>" what? Isn't a
word missing here, like "the blablablah *ActiveX DLL*" or
something like that?).

On the class name html page, the string "For a list of all
members of this type, see <class name> Members."
and "<class name> members" (on the "see also" section)
are not translated, also.

On the "memberstopic" html page, the string "<class
name> overview" is not translated.

(other bug I noticed here -- the "function.gif" image is
not being copied to the destination folder, also the page
states the name as "Function.gif", with a uppercase F).

On the <class name>.<function name>.html page, a
click on the "language filter" image displays a "tooltip
window" with text not localized (I tried to change
VBDOX' langref.js file hoping this would help, but to no
avail). Still on this page, on the "see also" section,
the "<class name> members" is not localized.

Thanks for your attention.


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