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ASPHelper 1.0 Released

This is a simple classic ASP helper library to help with using VBCorLib from within a classic ASP web page. It can be difficult to utilized VBCorLib because of the datatype mismatches, especially when it comes to handling arrays. This library helps to remove some of the burden of dealing with the mismatches between classic ASP and VBCorLib.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2008-07-07

Version 2.3 Released

VBCorLib 2.3 has been released.

- Updated ASM code to not trigger DEP protection.
- Updated ArrayList to include the ArrayList.Adapter method, wrapping an IList object.
- Fixed the StringBuilder.Remove method.
- Updated Console class to automatically disable the close button on a command prompt when working in the IDE.
- Added TryParse to TimeSpan.
- Added TryParse to cDateTime.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2008-06-11

Version 2.2 Update

The BigInteger class has been added to version 2.2. As well as a few minor fixes. The Queue, Path, HewbrewCalendar, and JapaneseCalendar classes have been fixed.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2007-10-23

VBCorLib 2.1 Released

With this release, a few minor bugs have been fixed.
- Wide Character API support on NT machines, and, UNC file path support.
- EmptyGuid was added to the GuidStatic class.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2007-02-21

MD4CryptoServiceProvider Added

An MD4 hashing class has been add as a separate download to be used with VBCorLib.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2006-11-21

Version 2.0.205

VBCorLib has been updated to version 2.0.205. This version has two minor fixes.
- Fixed ResourceReader to handle zero length resources
- Fixed Environment.ParseCommandLineArgs to handle backslashes better

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2006-11-13

VBCorLib 2.0 Released!

Version 2.0 has been reached! What's new with this version? Cryptography! In addition to the hundreds of existing useful classes implemented, now most of the cryptography classes in the DotNET core library (mscorlib.dll) have been implemented as well! By using all available standards, each supported cryptography class has been implemented to provide VB6 developers a diverse array of choices. Everything from two-way ciphers (eg. Rijndael, DES, 3DES, RC2) and hashes (eg. SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD5, RIPEMD160) to Message Authentication Code implementations (all of the hashes are supported). There are several more utility classes, such as Rfc2898DeriveBytes that generates keys based on text passwords using the RFC2898 published standard. All of these classes are compatible with DotNET produced data and vise-versa.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2006-10-26

*** Version 1.5.5 Update Update ***

Ok, I mistakenly uploaded the wrong files for version 1.5.5. The correct version is uploaded now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-11-24

Version 1.5.5 Update!

A small version update has been released to address a couple of issues.

Anyone dealing with the SortedList.RemoveAt (and Remove) methods should get this update. Also, anyone wanting to use the NewArrayList constructor as it was intended will also need to get the update.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-11-24

Version 1.5.3 Minor (big fix) Update

This is a minor (big bug fix) release. The cArray sort routines were broken and won't work with non-zero based arrays. That has been fixed (stupid me.)

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-08-23

Version 1.5.2 Very Minor Update

This is an extremely minor update. It fixed 1 bug in the Environment.UserName function. That is all the bugs there are! :)

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-08-01

Version 1.5.1 Minor Update

This version simply fixes a few minor bugs.
- Fixed INISectionWriter IResourceWriter_AddResource method
- Fixed MemoryMappedFile constructor [Share] argument validation
- Fixed Exception constructor Cor.Exception

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-07-27

VBCorLib Version 1.5 Released!

A new release of this massive library has been made. With this release you get more classes, such as INIFile, ResourceWriter, Ticker, and StopWatch. Also there are enhanced versions of some of the classes, including MemoryMappedFile, Console, and WinResourceReader classes! Additional fixes have been made, and the code has been refactored.

There are also a dozen example projects included showing various aspects of this massive library!

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-07-20

Version 1.2.2 Released!

This new version contains many of the features and classes in .NET 2.0. There are also some bug fixes. You can learn all about it at the home page http://www.kellyethridge.com/vbcorlib.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-06-11

VBCorlib Version 1.0 Released!

This is the production level release of VBCorLib! This library reproduces many of the classes found in the .NET framework mscorlib.dll. With this release massive and complex business application can be written with much of the boiler-plate code already written. This library will increase productivity and stability of your VB6 application.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-05-15

VBCorLib Version 0.7 Released!

Finally! An update to the massive VBCorLib library has been made even bigger! Now all of the calendar classes are supported, along with Console applicatins and managing the Registry. This version has updated some existing classes, solidifying the datatypes used through the library. This makes VBCorLib v0.7 a complete

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-04-27

VBCorLib Version 0.5 Released!

This is a milestone release as it now includes the System.IO namespace set of Stream and File/Directory classes. This creates the most well rounded distribution of VBCorLib to allow for most of the core library functionality. Now developers will have an extremely large and powerful set of classes to use. Along with this release is a new Home Page with documentation, tutorials, and forums for discussion!

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-01-18

VBCorLib Version 0.3 Released!

In this continuing development of the .NET mscorlib utility classes for VB6 a host of new classes have been written. The primary set of classes was the System.Text namespace. In this release the primaray Encoding classes have been written, which are: UTF8Encoding, UTF7Encoding, UnicodeEncoding, and ASCIIEncoding. A few of the System.IO classes have been written to help round out the primary classes. These include: Path, FileStream, and MemoryStream. With this release, manipulating text has become a whole lot easier!.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2005-01-07

VBCorLib Version 0.2 Released!

Version 0.2 has been released and with it new support for culture info. The massive culture system has largely been implemented to allow for number and date formatting for specific cultures!

More utility classes have been implemented, such as Environment and OperatingSystem, and supporting classes, along with some minor bug fixes.

In the cArray class the CreateInstance has been updated to resemble that of .NET by only creating empty arrays of up to 3 dimensions. In light of that change a new function of cArray.NewArray has been implemented to still allow for the creation of filled 1-dimensional arrays.... read more

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2004-12-20

Debute Release of VBCorLib v0.1!

This is the debute of VBCorLib, a massive project to bring the utility classes and interfaces found within the .NET mscorlib assembly to VB6. This project aims to reimplement those classes and interfaces in VB6 for VB6 developers.

In this intial release over a dozen interfaces have been implemented and over 40 classes (both instance and static) have been written.

The primary classes addressed for this release are many of the Exception classes and all of the collections in the Collection namespace. However, many other utility classes have been implemented, including cArray, which is a static class bringing extremely powerful array handling methods, and the ever popular StringBuilder.

Posted by Kelly Ethridge 2004-12-01

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