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VBB 3D-engine / News: Recent posts

Download - comment ideas

If you download my engine, please don't be shy to put your experience on the forum.
that way I can learn and adapt the engine.

Posted by Jeroen De Vlieger 2003-09-25

Website designer asked

If somebody is interested in making a cool website for my project,
his help will certainly be accepted.

Posted by Jeroen De Vlieger 2003-09-22


If you are interested in this projectand you want to help, please sent me (administrator)a mail.

You can help as a developer, a site designer, a doc writer.
But you can also help when you don't know anything about programming, but a good deal about mathematics.

Because this project is completely build on math, so knowledge of math is always apreciated.

Posted by Jeroen De Vlieger 2003-09-19