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Adam E

I would like to be able to add cheats that is more of a do-all-at-once sort of thing.
I know this might be asking for a little more than needed, but it would be easier than doing 1. add a cheat; 2. uncheck one of the items; 3. scroll back down to uncheck another item (automatically scrolls to top on check/uncheck).

If you need a sample (just a sample, maybe not exactly like this) of what the XML file might look like, it can be:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Any amount of <Code>, <Cheat>, <GameShark>, and <CodeBreaker> elements, in any order -->

<Code>, <GameShark> and <CodeBreaker> could have this layout:

<Description name="[name here]"/>
<Value value="[value here]"/>

<Cheat> could have this layout:

<Address at="[address here]"/>
<Size bits="[either '8', '16', or '32']"/>
<Description/> <!-- Same as above -->
<Value/> <!-- Same as above -->

If you could possibly, add a <Group name="[name here]"> for grouping cheats in like categories, for example.


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