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I've been playing pokemon firered/leafgreen and at the
beginning the save state in the game didn't work so I
just used the save option on the visualboyadvanced.
After I got to the end of the game I found out that you
need to be able to click on the starting menu to reenter
the game, but from the start like I said the save state
at the beginning of the game didnt work. I then found a
patch to fix the problem, but I wanted to put my saved
game that is in sgm form as the saved state, but the
saved state is in sav form. So I don't know what to do
to be able to play the previous saved game that was
saved on the visualboyadvance save.

I have attached the saved state game to this message.
Thank you for your help.


  • SlicerAD

    SlicerAD - 2004-05-28

    Pokemon Firered saved game

  • Sébastien Guignot

    • assigned_to: nobody --> kxu
  • Sébastien Guignot

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    Load your save game, and then export the battery file (Menu:
    File -> Export -> Battery file).

  • Sébastien Guignot

    • status: open --> closed

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