#18 Eeprom File read bug

Rachel Mant

after looking into the source-code for the latest release, I found that there is a bug in the EEPROM file reader where it will accidentally leave the file open before exiting the function, causing a resource leak.

the lines that cause the bug are:
} else
return false;
return true;

the first of which is found on line 1076 in GBA.cpp

it can be fixed by changing the else statement to have a call to fclose() before hitting the return false;.


  • Rachel Mant

    Rachel Mant - 2009-06-06

    File with the bug in it, and a proposed fix commented in after the offending function and lines

  • Squall Leonhart

    Squall Leonhart - 2009-08-10

    nobody develops VBA anymore, check out VBA-M and see if its fixed there.

  • Rachel Mant

    Rachel Mant - 2009-08-10

    Ok, thanks for the info..... though why is the bug-tracker here still up and running if it's not in active development?

    SourceForge does have a way of turning off the bug-tracker for projects where that's required on my last looking at that sort of thing

  • Spacy

    Spacy - 2010-02-24

    Thanks for the bug report. I fixed it in VBA-M just now.


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