VB MARC-8 CharSet 1.0

This is the first beta release of VB MARC-8 CharSet which is an ActiveX DLL with classes for converting strings encoded as MARC-8 into native Visual Basic Unicode strings (BSTRs) or into UTF-8 encoded strings.

The following MARC-8 character sets are supported:

* Latin (Basic/Extended, Greek Symbols, Subscripts and Superscripts)
* Hebrew
* Cyrillic (Basic/Extended)
* Arabic (Basic/Extended)
* Greek
* East Asian Characters (over 15,000 characters)

(see http://www.loc.gov/marc/specifications/speccharmarc8.html for details)

This package was inspired by and based on the excellent MARC::Charset Perl module available from http://marcpm.sourceforge.net/.

Posted by Thomas G. Habing 2003-01-31

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