#6 Leader position 9 parser is too strict


I apologize for being a pest, but any insight into the
above error would be
appreciated. It's no big deal because I can simply code
around it and go on
to the next server, so my question is merely curiosity.
What's really wrong
with the record? It would seem that, were it my only
choice, I could parse
it without too much agony.

The error is:
MARCFactory is not initialized (usually...)

A couple of servers respond to this query with the same
problem (likely
having shared the same record). One is:
Mount Laurel Library
.SetOption "databaseName" ,"dynix"
.SetOption "preferredRecordSyntax", "USmarc"
CreateZoomQuery is @attr 1=8 0767903854
Here's the result of RenderRecord:

001 00025566
003 DLC
005 20000606120704.0
008 000223s2000 nyub b 000 0deng
010 $a 00025566
020 $a 0767903854
035 $a 99959
040 $a DLC $c DLC
043 $a u-at---
050 00 $a DU105.2 $b . B83 2000
082 00 $a 919.404/65 $2 21
092 $a 919.4 Bry
100 1 $a Bryson, Bill.
245 10 $a In a sunburned country / $c Bill Bryson.
260 $a New York : $b Broadway Books, $c c2000.
300 $a x, 307 p. : $b maps ; $c 25 cm.
504 $a Includes bibliographical references (p.
600 10 $a Bryson, Bill $x Journeys $z Australia.
651 0 $a Australia $x Description and travel.
949 10 $b 36242001149778 $c ANF $d 919.4 Bry $e c.1 $t BK
992 $a c.1
920 $a MOUNT LAUREL LIBRARY $b 919.4 Bry -- c.1 $c
Shelving cart $d
Nonfiction $r C $z MLL


  • Thomas G. Habing

    Logged In: YES

    No problem at all.
    Usually these errors result from some sort of error in the
    original record, and looking at the raw data for the record
    that you referenced that seems to be the case.
    The leader (first 24 characters) for that raw record looks
    like the following:

    00888nam002200289 a04500

    Each of these characters has a meaning as described here:

    The problem with this record seems to be the character as
    position 9 which contains '0'. However the MARC standard
    allows only two possible values ' ' or 'a'. This indicates
    whether the record uses the MARC-8 or Unicode character
    sets. My MARC parser uses this value to determine how to
    convert special characters, and when it sees the value '0'
    it chokes.

    This isn't the first case that I have discovered that my
    parser is a little too strict, since encountering an unknown
    value can probably be ignored, and just I can just assume
    that the character encoding is MARC-8.

    I will added a request in my bug tracking system to do just
    that in the next release.

    Hope this explains what is happening. The other errors you
    are getting are probably the same or similar problems.

  • Thomas G. Habing

    Logged In: YES

    Another system that has this problem is

  • Thomas G. Habing

    • status: open --> closed
  • Thomas G. Habing

    Logged In: YES

    FIXED in Version 1.2c1.1


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