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VB.DOC 0.4!

0.40 features a new parser, now every file should be parsed
correctly. Especially method invocations without parantheses
eventually work now. Please report any parsing bug you


Posted by Markus Palme 2004-09-25

VS.NET addin imported into CVS

I have imported the sourcecode and project files to the VisualStudio addin into CVS, module name: "VS.NETAddin"


Posted by Markus Palme 2004-05-23

VB.DOC 0.38!

VB.DOC 0.38 is another bugfix release that closes beneath some minor problems the huge memory leak that prevented the addin to run smoothly.


Posted by Markus Palme 2004-05-20

VB.DOC 0.36 and mono compatibility

0.36 was released some days ago. No great changes, only some small bugfixes. Good news: VB.DOC runs with Mono 0.26 (http://go-mono.com) on Windows and Linux.


Posted by Markus Palme 2004-01-11

VB.DOC 0.34 !

Although CVS statistics on sf.net are not updated, there has been some activity the last weeks: mainly bugfixes and small improvements have been commited.

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-10-05

Release-o-rama !

A lot of people asked for a new version of the addin and for a NAnt task. Now, along with the new version of VB.DOC the addin has been updated (thanks to Jos !) and a NAnt task has been written.

Enjoy !

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-09-08

VB.DOC 0.32

VB.DOC 0.32 has been released. Now, the work on the NAnt task will go on.

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-08-21

VB.DOC NAnt task

The development of a NAnt for VB.DOC has been started. There is a new module in CVS, called "VB.DOCNantTask".


Posted by Markus Palme 2003-08-21

VB.DOC 0.3 !

After a long time with no release 0.3 has seen the daylight. 0.3 comes with a new parser and is a complete rewrite of the existing system.

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-08-04

Vb.DOC 0.3 Preview

you can get a preview of the upcoming 0.3 release via CVS. The statistics are not updated (sourceforge problem) but you can find the newest sources in CVS. 0.3 is a from-ground rewrite of VB.DOC


Posted by Markus Palme 2003-07-09

0.28 and new addin for VS.NET !

0.28 is out.Jos updated the addin, thanks. The next release will take some time because there will be a lot of restructuring.

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-05-29

CVS Repository temporarily cleaned

The CVS repository has been temporarily cleaned. After the upcoming restructuring (we'll have a new yacc based parser etc.) there will be a reimport of the sources.

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-05-18

VB.DOC 0.27 is out

Version 0.27 is out. It's a release with a coiple of new features, for example ansi and unicode support etc. There have been a lot of people who provided their feedback, thanks.

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-04-27

VS.NET Addin 0.2 released

Jos Clijmans has updated the addin for VS.NET. Now it works again with the newest VB.DOC version and has some new features:

- Ability to choose project when multiple projects in a solution
- Automatic detection of source files and references
- Ability to add reference paths
- Save the prefix used in the registry

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-04-22

VB.DOC 0.26 and .NET 1.1

Hi !

VB.DOC 0.26 is out. It works with MS .NET 1.1 and fixes some other bugs.


Posted by Markus Palme 2003-04-13

Public CVS Repository

Hi !

Now, the VB.DOC project has it's own public CVS Repository. The unixname is "vb-doc", the cvs module "VB.DOC"


Posted by Markus Palme 2003-04-06

VB.DOC 0.25

VB.DOC 0.25 Release notes

0.25 is mainly a bugfix release, many bugs have
been fixed. Thanks go to Petri Riipinen who
reported many bugs and sent me some patches.
Please take a look at the ChangeLog.txt to see
what exactly has changed.

Further, we now have a public CVS repository,
hosted by SF.NET.

I'm sorry that the VS.NET addin is not uptodate,
but the author doesn't have the time for it. Your
help is appreciated.... read more

Posted by Markus Palme 2003-04-05

VB.DOC 0.23

Today I released 0.23. 0.23 is mainly a bugfix release. Please give me your feedback.

Happy new year !

Posted by Markus Palme 2002-12-29

VB.DOC 0.22 !

VB.DOC 0.22 has been released today !
It is mainly a bugfix release, most important: you can now document events.

Please send feedback !

Posted by Markus Palme 2002-10-27

VB.DOC 0.21 !

VB.DOC 0.21 is there ! It's been a while since the last release. But witch 0.21 most tags work correctly.


Posted by Markus Palme 2002-09-28

Version 0.2 !

The new release has come. I fixed a lot of bugs and improved the existing code. Enjoy.

Posted by Markus Palme 2002-08-29

Version 0.14

Today version 0.14 has been released. Check it out and send feedback !

Posted by Markus Palme 2002-08-11

First release !

The first public release has come ! Try it out and report bugs.

Posted by Markus Palme 2002-06-16

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