Version 0.1 released!

First version has been released. It is a bit limited but good enough to use at work for my current phase in the project.

Note: This is the first release of the application and although is the code I currently use, it has not been properly validated for use. All the functionality below should be working but use at your own risk until the application is validated. This will happen on release 1.0 and afterwards. Also keep in mind that although the Database should be stable right now, as new features and functionality is worked on it might change. The application has a built in system to take care of this as well as migration scripts. It is strongly suggested to back up your database before connecting with a new version of the application.

Here's a brief summary of the current functionality:

  1. Create Project and subprojects.
  2. Create Specifications (requirements of different levels).
  3. Import requirements from Excel and Word documents.
  4. Create Test Projects.
  5. Create Test cases.
  6. Import Test Cases from Excel and Word documents.
  7. Link requirements with other requirements.
  8. Link Test Cases to requirements.
  9. Get requirement coverage.
  10. iReport Reports for trace matrixes and more.
  11. Requirement auto versioning.


  1. Tool connects directly to database. In next versions it'll be done via web services.
  2. Unable to execute test cases within the tool. This is to be done via web application.
  3. There are some issues with the requirement coverage in the tool. Needs to be fixed.
  4. Reports can't be ran from the tool itself. Hopefully soon.

Enjoy and feel free to provide feedback!

Posted by Javier A. Ortiz Bultron 2014-03-17

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