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Valhala Honeypot / News: Recent posts

New version: 1.7.0

- Bugfixes in webserver (correcoes no servidor web)
- Configuration reorganized (configuracoes reorganizadas)
- Port forwarding servers added (Servidores de port forward adicionados)

Posted by Marcos Flavio 2008-04-21

New version: 1.6.2

New version released: 1.6.2 . Sorry for the great delay, but this is project isn´t dead (yet). Only portuguese version for now.

Nova versão: 1.6.2

Posted by Marcos Flavio 2007-04-11

Valhala Honeypot 1.6 : Better and bigger

I am pleased to announce the new version of Valhala Honeypot, 1.6 . A new server is available, the TFTP service. The web, telnet, smtp and pop3 servers were reewrited for better performance and some new options. I also included the so-asked resource of Server Mode. Now one copy of the program can act as server, receiving logs from all of the others. Last comment: Now the english version of program is also available, with the brazilian portuguese version.

Posted by Marcos Flavio 2005-09-14

Valhala Honeypot: Easy to use

Valhala Honeypot is a GUI-based Honeypot written in Object Pascal. In one single EXE, you have web, ftp, finger, telnet, pop3, smtp, trojan ports and custom services. It also haves a intrusion detection system in these services.

- The portuguese version was already released.
- "Trap" option included in ftp server
- Now you can send the logs everywhere
- Nice GUI also :-)

Posted by Marcos Flavio 2004-03-09