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DUE TO UPLOAD ERRORS The previous file of EgO v0.7b was corrupted. This new file is full and functional.

PLUS we've added two more things to the changelog:
> Added "upgrade" SQL Script for previous versions (from 0.6b in advance)
> New language file: Portuguese-Brazil (pt-br)

Thanks to Ariel Serafini for the Brazilian translation.

And... sorry for the inconveniences.

Posted by VairuX Systems 2005-03-10

EgO new version 0.7b.

Now with more amphetamines...

EgO now features the brand new FCKEditor... More easy interface and administration and more customizable. This is the changelog for this release version:

EGO v_0.7b (LATEST)

> WARNING: Database changed (tables categorias, trabajos changed, added new table: zonas)
> Replaced HTML Editor (Added FCKEditor)
> Added: Login incorrect message.
> Added: Content Zones management.
> Added: Administrable modules. **NEW** modules standard, including module i8n. Now modules are multilanguage.
> Fixed: Expired works appear first in the works listing (admin).
> Fixed: i8n support for JSCalendar.
> Added: Standalone view for works.
> When you list works or categories (from admin), you could view them by clicking in its name.
> WARNING: Language files changed.
> Replaced edit and delete links for "real buttons".
> Minor performance and code bugfixes.
> Now you can configure the fields of a work by category.
> Now you can configure if the link for the work is standalone or by its URL.
> Added Prev and Next to paginator ($more)

Posted by VairuX Systems 2005-02-12

EgO v 0.6.3b RELEASED

EGO v_0.6.3b (CURRENT)

> Minor Bugfixes...
> Added Clear Skin.
> Added Skin.

Posted by VairuX Systems 2004-06-23

EgO v 0.6.2 RELEASED

EgO is a PHP script that makes easier the set up and administration of a website. EgO supports customizable skins and modules that would be designed to fit specific needs.

The main purpose of this script, was to make workfolios or work catalogs, but, it's use has extended from Blogs, Business Catalogs, Personal Websites, and News Websites.

Additionally, EgO features a WYSIWYG editor (HTMLArea) and dynamic RSS 2.0 Syndication.... read more

Posted by VairuX Systems 2004-06-13

EgO v 0.6.2b is coming

Bugsfixing and some new features are in EgO 0.6.2b.

New feature: launching uploader from popup
New feature: Misho's JS Calendar embedded on Works Form.

Some bugs fixed...

Posted by VairuX Systems 2004-06-06

EgO Website Released

The main website of EgO Content Management System was released sucessfully using the default installation of 0.6.1 Version.

To view it just go to

In this website will be more information about the CMS system, and a list of websites using it. (coming soon).

Posted by VairuX Systems 2004-05-31

EgO v 0.6.1b RELEASED

This release fixes some bugs from previous and add functionalities to the system.

Now, the administration is easier... more intuitive interface, dummy proof options and NEW language file in ENGLISH.

Here is the change log of this new version:

> BugFixed: Problem showing the works that doesn't have categories.
> BugFixed: Replaced & by & in the links that require more than one variable. (to make it XHTML compliant)
> Added: Language change from Administrator panel and ENGLISH language file.
> Added: Login, Password and Admin Email change from Administrator panel.
> Skin change via dropbox...
> Minor bugfixes and interface improvement.
> Skins try to validate XHTML 1.0... read more

Posted by VairuX Systems 2004-05-30

Next Release: EgO 0.6.1

This release will fix known bugs and will add some functionalities to the CMS.

Also is spected a language file in ENGLISH.

Stay tuned for more info...

Posted by VairuX Systems 2004-05-30

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