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Vadmin 3.0 Officially Released

Vadmin 3.0 has now been released both here and on the SquirrelMail website (see: ).

This release includes a massive upgrade in features and functionality, including but not limited to:

* Ensure compatibility with SquirrelMail 1.5.2+ (no guarantees about versions 1.5.0 and 1.5.1)
* Added flexible backend functionality; implemented SQL backend
* Several functionality changes, tweaks and adjustments accompany the addition of flexible backends - keep your eye out!
* Removed functionality from setup.php
* Remove use of require_once
* Removed needless includes after validate.php
* Added pagination on the list of all users
* Added option to sort by last login date
* Webmail stats (last login/total logins)
* Added ability to view/edit webmail preferences
* Customizable extra user fields
* Dictate "displayable" fields per admin type
* "Previous" links added everywhere for better navigation
* Customized login page settings compatible with the Login Manager (Vlogin) plugin (Vadmin settings by admin user will override what is in Login Manager)
* Search for users! (using wildcard *)
* Lookup only active or inactive (webmail) users
* Other plugins can add their own custom modules
* Added "quick list" domain account listing
* Added ability to add multiple users at once from file or cut-n-paste list
* Lots more that I forgot to add to this list

Posted by Paul Lesniewski 2010-03-06

Vadmin 3.0 Looking Stable

Although no release package is available yet, the Vadmin 3.0 code has largely stabilized and is in active use on at least a few known systems, including those backed with local user accounts, database-based virtual accounts, and traditional VMailMgr. No bugs are currently known, and Vadmin's feature set and extensibility have grown considerably. However, there are a couple outstanding TODO items to complete before a release is made. In the meantime, Vadmin users are strongly encouraged to download and install the current CVS code.

Posted by Paul Lesniewski 2008-07-24

Vadmin v3.0 has begun

After another long wait with remarkably few bug reports (now that's some good code!), CVS has been branched and development on version 3.0 has begun. Amongst many smaller improvements, v3.0 now supports configurable backends -- currently a SQL backend (as well as the traditional VMailMgr backend) is included. The experimentally-minded are encouraged to check out CVS HEAD, where things should be in at least alpha quality.

Posted by Paul Lesniewski 2005-07-16

2.0 beta out

After a long wait, 2.0 beta is finally out.

Posted by Konstantin Riabitsev 2003-06-19