#13 Docs not clear enough


Documentation states that it may damage data/hardware.

Can it damage data/hardware of system without problems?

Why I'm asking: it runs crashme. If I understand things
correctly, crashme may damage any data belonging to
user running crashme, even on correctly working system.
How is that prevented?

[It would be nice to make this clear in docs...]


  • Jason T. Collins

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    It will only run crashme if you request it to. Normal test
    runs are exempt from this.

    If your system is completely fine and you run the burn test
    in the default configuration, you will not encounter system
    corruption. However, there's no way to know that for
    certain without running the test first, hence the paranoid

    I will try to make this clearer in the documentation.

  • Jason T. Collins

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  • Jason T. Collins

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    I've made made an attempt to clear this up in the docs.
    Just remember, Cerberus is a dangerous program even under
    the best of circumstances that runs as root, so be careful.
    Look at 1.3.0pre4.

  • Jason T. Collins

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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