Andreas E - 2012-08-15

Hi there,

first of all, this is great software. Thanks for not leaving us so-called "Windows-only web-cam" owners standing in the rain with your Linux work.
My Logitech Communicate STX (046d:08d7) definitely supports Exposure and (Auto)Gain, so I wonder why it's disabled in v4l2ucp?

$ uname -a
- Linux box02 2.6.37 #16 SMP PREEMPT Sat Feb 5 09:53:27 CET 2011 i686 GNU/Linux

- gspca_zc3xx v2.15.18 (latest stable from J.F. Moine, former maintainer)
- v4l2ucp_2.0.2-4_i386

From your tool:
driver - gspca_zc3xx
card - USB Camera (046d:08d7)
bus_info usb-0000:00:02.1-2
version 0.0.0
capabilities 0x05000001

Everything else works great!
Just Exposure and Auto Gain are greyed out. (off-topic info: Control tool from manufacturer's Windows driver kit even supports Exposure, Gain *and* AutoGain (on/off))

Related info:

I'd kindly ask the developers also to take a look into the zc3xx source code, because there you can get a proof that exposure and gain *is* supported in Communicate STX.
Or else, give us a way to force capabilities so that we can force things on the tool we (experienced users) know that will work with our hardware.

Thanks for your work and time,