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Version 0.30 released

Finally the version 0.30 is released.

It contains some bug fixed and mainly support for >=xcb-1.7. Older versions of xcb aren't supported. Please update xcb or keep using version 0.25.

If you notice no reactions on button clicks press ESC or update xcb to a version with a fix for this https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40372 bug.

Posted by Lutz Sammer 2011-11-09

First official complete git release

I needed over a year to get all the code into a readable version.
In this time I used µwm on my computers without issues.
There are still (for me) unimportant things missing, feel free to request them.
You can get the latest version from git http://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=git&group_id=278415 .

Posted by Lutz Sammer 2010-10-03