#1 Feature requests

v1.0 (example)

Firstly, thanks for creating this project. It's a great convenience and a well made interface.

There are a few things I would like to know if your application will do or request if they are not current features.

1) The ability to add the uTorrent feed at the same time as adding the filter. It would be fewer steps to set up a new TV show if I did not have to set up the filter first, then exit uTorrent and enter uTFilterManager and add the show (selecting the feed I just created. Since you are already editing the RSS data file, I hoped there was some way to reduce the steps.
2) The ability to manage a remote uTorrent installation. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see how uTFilterManager finds uTorrent. I have uTorrent running as a service on a computer connected to my TV, so don't want to be switching to that regularly. I'd much rather manage feeds elsewhere (including remotely via IP). So being able to tell uTFilterManager where the data file is located would be a great added feature.
3) The ability to stop/restart uTorrent automatically. Since uTFilterManager updates the active RSS data file in uTorrent, it is necessary to stop uTorrent first, then restart it when done.

Again, if I've missed steps that allow me to do these things in the current uTFilterManager, let me know. If not, I think they would be excellent features to add to make uTFilterManager more of a go-to RSS manager for uTorrent.



  • gggirlgeek

    I agree with these suggestions.

    For remote/portable utorrent locations:

    I am using it with portable Utorrent now. Just create a symbolic link to your portable or remote utorrent folder in C:\users\%user%\appdata\roaming. Make sure the link is named "Utorrent". (I believe it has to be a junction for network locations.) uTFilterManager will now find your rss.dat file.

    Tip: I use "Link Shell Extension" for easy hard link management. http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html

  • gggirlgeek

    Update: There is no need to install Utorrent "portable" when updating after the above mentioned symbolic links are set up. Utorrent's normal install file (non-portable) will install right into your remote folder. No need to move or uninstall anything.