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uShare / News: Recent posts

uShare 1.1a released.

- Support for XboX 360 dashboard Fall Update (.avi and .divx now are supported)
- DLNA support is not enabled by default, as not mandatory.
- Some configure script fixes and better support for cross-compilation.
- Fixed network interface discovery on MacOSX.

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2007-12-09

uShare 1.1 released.

* Much more complete DLNA support through external libdlna.
* Telnet Control interface.
* Support for FLAC and HDMOV files.
* FreeBSD 64bit and MacOSX build fix.
* Newly written configure script.

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2007-12-04

uShare 1.0 released.

ChangeLog :
Fixed XboX 360 file discovery (it finally should work).
Support for Sony PlayStation 3.
DLNA compliance.

Enjoy !

Posted by Saettler Alexis 2007-07-05

uShare 0.9.10 released.

Fixed http 404 error which prevented ushare 0.9.9 release to work.

Posted by Saettler Alexis 2007-02-26

uShare 0.9.9 released.

Added support for FreeBSD.
Use a RedBlack balanced tree searching and sorting algorithm
instead of the recursive one. It avoids recursive calls, takes
less memory (perfect for embedded systems) and executes in more
"constant time" than the logarithmic style.
Original patch by Phil Chandler.
Massive memory optimization (uShare now takes 75% less RAM ;-)
only not using fixed size URL allocation buffer (a 16000+ files
collection now only takes 5MB where it used to take 19MB).
Improved search parsing and matching mechanism (patch by Mostafa
Hosseini). XboX360 support is now complete.
Please note that to stream video to the XboX, the console should
be running dashboard version 2.0.4552.0 and only unprotected
.wmv files are supported.
Fixed support for 2GB+ files (see\)
Fixed support for XboX 360 (thanks to Mostafa Hosseini).
Added basic support for 'Search' action.
Fixed bug with localization, use now --localedir configure's
option to set location of .mo files.
Make libupnp >= 1.4.2 a requirement.

Posted by Saettler Alexis 2007-02-25

uShare 0.9.8 released.

- Added German translation.
- Convert special xml characters to xml (like & => &).
- Added iso and bin mime types.
- Better filtering and browse capabilities: now uShare is conform to ContentDirectory:1 Service Template Standard.
- Updated init script to use lsb functions.

Posted by Saettler Alexis 2006-12-10

uShare 0.9.7 released.

- Added new Microsoft Registrar service which fakes the authorization required to be able to stream to MS compliant Media Renderers.
- Updated AVI file MIME type for better compliance with UPnP devices.
- Better UPnP CDS compliance when request count and index are 0.
- Removed the nasty characters from UDN naming for compatibility issues.
- Force usage of libupnp >= 1.3.1 (previous versions of the library are buggy and should not be used).
- Support for XboX 360, D-Link DSM-320 and Roku SoundBridge M2000 Network Music Player devices.

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2006-03-13

uShare 0.9.6 released.

- Added Fedora RPM build and startup init scripts.
- Support for for large files (2GB+ files).
- Can now specify on which port the HTTP server has to run.
- Fixed a potential buffer overrun when building DIDL messages

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2006-02-19

uShare 0.9.5 released.

- Added UPnP presentation URL support (you can now update or add/remove contents through a web interface).
- Added support for subtitle file formats.
- Added support for DVD specific file formats.

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2005-12-19

uShare 0.9.4 released.

- Fixed some memleaks.
- Avoid having empty shared directory name.
- Fixed handling of non-absolute content directories paths.
- Added logging with syslog support, in daemon mode.

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2005-12-09

uShare 0.9.3 released.

- Support for multiple directories to be shared.
- Added start/stop script.
- Added verbose mode.
- Read configuration from /etc/ushare.conf configuration file.
- Support for daemon mode.
- Better MIME types handling.
- Support for new multimedia files extensions.
- Rewrite of some string buffer and integer manipulation tools.

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2005-11-20

uShare 0.9.2 released.

Major bug fixes release :
* improved UPnP compliance with Browse RequestedCount flag.
* fixed some UPnP Object ID sent in Browse messages.

Posted by Benjamin Zores 2005-11-13