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Version 0.5 released

This release contains some bugfixes and some new features:

Fixed the nasty bug with with defunct processes on AIX and Solaris, the bug with non working "disabled" rule attribute, some other bugs.

Improved handling and logging of execution of child processes, improved error handling of file redirection, added support for "mandatory"
attribute of <file/> element, added support for altering environment of child processes (<env/> element). Got rid of arbitrary limit of number of exec arguments.... read more

Posted by Eugene Doudine 2007-11-11

Version 0.4 released

This release features some code cleanup, a working AIX port (thanks to Chris Schulz, who provided me with access to an AIX box), support for reloading configuration on SIGHUP

Posted by Eugene Doudine 2006-09-23

Version 0.3 released

Version 0.3 released

Posted by Eugene Doudine 2005-12-04

First public release

Version 0.2 released

Posted by Eugene Doudine 2005-10-31