On 6 April 2010 23:35, Haszlakiewicz, Eric <EHASZLA@transunion.com> wrote:

So, those are all UML filesystems?
As far as I know, yes!
 Or does UML just use regular
filesystems with regular binaries?
UML uses regular filesystem with regular binaries.
Why do you intend that nagafix filesystems are not regular too?
Try them, they are so good! :)

I was hoping there was a FAQ about this stuff somewhere, but I don't see
one from the UML home page, and the UML Wiki isn't working. :(
Most of the information seems to be not up to date actually.
You may find many ways to do things into the Internet anyway.

Anyway, I'll try out one of the filesystems on that page.  Thanks!
You're welcome.
Enjoy UML.