Hi all,
    I am new guy to Use Mode Linux and I am trying to use UML to build up a 2-node cluster and ocfs2 for share storage.
I have created 2 nodes and a shared file, and run the two kernel with the following commands:
./linux mem=256M ubda=root_fs_1 ubdb=ocfs2_fs eth0=mcast
./linux mem=256M ubda=root_fs_2 ubdb=ocfs2_fs eth0=mcast
I can mount the ocfs2_fs on node1, but when I mount it on node2, the error msg is:
ubdb: Can't open "ocfs2_fs": errno = 11
mount.ocfs2: I/O error on channel while opening device /dev/ubdb1

I have searched the uml website, and it seems that "COW" don't meet my need, since I need to access the file at the same time by all the nodes. But "COW" only save the modified file in its own cow-file.
Am I wrong?

And Can anyone tell me how to setup a share disk which has direct read/write access for multiple nodes?
btw, I don't subscribe to this mail list, so could you please reply directly to my e-mail? thanks.