Hi lanas
I boot up normally in an xterm console and I have put an inittab which includes

ttyS0::respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 9600 vt100

tty0::respawn:/sbin/mingetty --noclear tty0

and it also uses a serial console from the host once it bootup up. So after bootup I know which /dev/pts is using as the xterm windown show which host serial console it is attached. So I use SCREEN program to attach/deattach to the UML, also you can capture with one session multiple consoles and leave them running in the background and it works just fine. Sorry I can't help you more.



On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 4:21 PM, lanas <lanas@securenet.net> wrote:

 I'd like to be able to launch at least 25 UMLs, preferrably at boot
time, and have the option to connect when needed a serial console for
out of band management.  So the problem is twofold:

 1) How to launch a bunch of UMLs.  At boot as a last SysV action ?

 2a) How to launch UMLs with the possibility of offering a serial line
that can service console prompt

 2b) How to eventually and sometimes connect to these serial lines.

 For a serial utility I'm looking at conserver:


 Anyone using that ?  What are you using ?

 To launch them I'd like to eventually wrap their launch in Perl, along
with other stuff, but for now I'm considering simply something like:

/path/linux ubda=mycow1,fs-1 umid=uml1 eth1=daemon,/tmp/switch1 &
/path/linux ubda=mycow2,fs-2 umid=uml2 eth1=daemon,/tmp/switch1 &
/path/linux ubda=mycow3,fs-3 umid=uml3 eth1=daemon,/tmp/switch1 &
/path/linux ubda=mycow4,fs-4 umid=uml4 eth1=daemon,/tmp/switch1 &

But then I've noticed and read that a UML might not fully boot if
there's no console.

Also, in which way the file system's inittab influences the use of
serila console access from the host ?  Does the file system inittab's
tty declarations have any influence in that ?

Thanks for any suggestions/hints/comments.

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