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2007/6/21, Linux Lover <favorite.linux@gmail.com>:
Hi all,
    I am new guy to Use Mode Linux and I am trying to use UML to build up a 2-node cluster and ocfs2 for share storage.

I think it's a good idea but, I don't know if it would be functioning... Anyway.. why not? ;-)

I have created 2 nodes and a shared file, and run the two kernel with the following commands:
./linux mem=256M ubda=root_fs_1 ubdb=ocfs2_fs eth0=mcast
./linux mem=256M ubda=root_fs_2 ubdb=ocfs2_fs eth0=mcast

I guess you are using 2 separated kernel images... isn't it? I see you are using ./linux in both cases.

I can mount the ocfs2_fs on node1, but when I mount it on node2, the error msg is:
ubdb: Can't open "ocfs2_fs": errno = 11
mount.ocfs2: I/O error on channel while opening device /dev/ubdb1

What kind of HPC clustering system are you using? OpenSSI? OpenMosix??? 

I have searched the uml website, and it seems that "COW" don't meet my need, since I need to access the file at the same time by all the nodes. But "COW" only save the modified file in its own cow-file.
Am I wrong?

You are right. COW files only allow to give multiple access permission to a single root filesystem; else, this would not be possible for more than one user at the same time. Therefore, COW files solves that problem so that many users can start UML on their favourite root filesystem simultaneously.

And Can anyone tell me how to setup a share disk which has direct read/write access for multiple nodes?

You can use samba or nfs too for communications between two UML machines and the host system too. Sharing two filesystem without using them maybe not safe (in my opinion). UML kernel supply for a module which allows to get into the host system, but I tink it's not safe. Maybe it isn't in your case.
UML utilities supply for a console wich allows to get into the guest system from the host; try to do that and to mount the part which you gained access somewhere and try to share it.
I don't know if it's a good idea but it maight be a begin point.

btw, I don't subscribe to this mail list, so could you please reply directly to my e-mail? thanks.

For me, that's no problem... I don't know if it's the same for the others.



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