Hi All,
                I have my host kernel with skas patch and my guest kernel also in that runs in skas mode. I have no problem in booting the UML kernel with root fileystems provided in uml website. And then in my UML kernel I can mount hostfs into my /mnt/host to access the data in my disk. But here I face a probelm when  try to runa program in my hostfs ( e.g zebra routing suite). because my librariries(e.g libc.so.5) and other paths are now not mounted at / , rather at /mnt/host. So, I tried to boot the UML kernel directly from my hostfs itself and failed. I am not able to understand clearly the step given at uml website on booting directly from hostfs. If anybody can provide me detailed info or can give pointers to useful info that would be of great help.
Thanks in advance,