i think you are right, but our team roll out the possibility of setting up another DHCP server.

After spent hours on the dhcrelay3 and bcrelay, i gave up.
(I followed
as i cannot find good docs on DHCP for uml using dhcrelay etc.)

Linux has a huge problem on clear & good instructions for normal users.
I have been coding for 15 years and i cannot make DHCP to work for 1+ week.
Checking around, many senior linux friends never touched UML.

I'm using static ip for uml now to catch up with the schedule.
Would appreciate if you have good step-by-step instructions.

Thanks very much !

> Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 20:42:29 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [uml-user] Cannot bringup DHCP (2.6.39 kernel + Debian 5.0 rootfs)
> The thing about DHCP is that the protocol is confined to an ethernet
> broadcast domain, and a TUN/TAP connection to the host is a separate
> broadcast domain from the LAN. It's a private ethernet with two hosts
> on it.
> DHCP will work if one of the following is true:
> The DHCP server is the UML host and dhcpd is listening on the
> TAP device
> a DHCP forwarder, like dhcrelay, is running on the host
> UML is bridged to the host's eth
> The bridging option puts the UML on the LAN on a par with any physical
> system on the ethernet.
> Jeff