Hi There,

I appologise if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find
anything recient on the list about it.

I am trying to install RH 9 and RH AS 2.1 in UML instances.  When I follow

the instructions for an NFS mounted install from
http://linuxhacker.ru/uml/, but I am using HTTP, I find that both of these
distributions hang.  RH AS 2.1 does report a few errors, <3> Unimplemented

ioctl in ssl_ioctl : Ox5418 repeate several times.  It appears that this
is happening when RH AS 2.1 trys to find a USB mouse.  I didn't see the
same thing when RH 9 was installing, but I did get a bit further with RH9

Where can I go to find out what is happening duing this phase of the

I would also be intersted in knowing what options can be set on the
command line, but I haven't been able to find anything in the docs.

Any help would be appreciated.


Justin 'Doychi' Deutsch
Linux Enterprise Systems Team,
Infrastructure Development Services
PH:  6219 8021

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