Some basic questions, some of these has been answered several times on this list but asking again as i have roasted my system twice already and not successful in getting the UML up and running.

* Does latest linux kernel sources from kernel.org (2.6.11 or above) has the UML host patches (integrated with it ? Or do i need to apply them myself ?  
* Can i run guest on host ? planing to build from same sources (two copies of same source tree)
* How good is 1 GHz PIII with 384MB RAM, 80GB  to run UML, currently running Mandrake 10.1 , Any experiences on comparable machines would be helpful.
* Any tips to squeeze reasonably good performance from this machine. Used for learning more about kernel, may be i should re phrase my question - how do get the kernel compiled faster??? it is painfully slow at the moment.
* Any place where i can get a rootfs with minimal software pre-installed to start with, found several on the web - either tooooo huge or tooo minimal, need it for sometime till i can create/customize one on my own.

thanks & regards,