You don't apply the skas patch to the UML kernel.  If you want SKAS, you need to patch the host's kernel with the skas patch.  Use the uml patch for any uml kernels you want to compile.

-- Ben Stoutenburgh

"Simon Newton" <>
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01/21/2004 04:05 PM

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        Subject:        [uml-user] SKAS mode

HI all,
This is what I have done so far..
Download 2.4.19 kernel source
Download 2.4.19 UML patch
Download host-SKAS3 patch

Extract kernel source (tar -zxvf)
Apply UML patch (bzcat umlxxxx | patch -p1)
Try to apply skas patch (cat host-skas3.patch | patch -p1)

It then goes nuts telling me I have already applied a patch.
I tried in other order (skas patch first, then UML patch) with similar

So i not apply the UML patch if using SKAS?
Or if I do, what the hell am I doing wrong?


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